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  • Rev. Dominic Rivkin

AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church - Mission Essential

As congregations and schools enter into the phase of re-orienting to our new reality one thing is sure, the Church will remain the steady Presence of Christ whether we are gathered in a building or scattered throughout the community. For this week'sMISSION ESSENTIAL, we'd like to turn your attention to book that has shaped innovative and connective ministries for the past 10 years. AND: The Gathered and Scattered Church by Hugh Halter and Matt May speaks to the reality that the one-size fits all model of church doesn't  really work in face of increasing cultural and social diversity. The church is both a gathered and scattered body, large and small in scale and scope of connection to its community. We've heard from many churches seeking to maintain both a gathered and scattered ministry post-COVID19. This book will help you explore new to reach people with the love of Jesus! 

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