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  • Rev. Dominic Rivkin

Strong, Scattered Relationships - Mission Essential

This season has revealed many challenges, Many have experienced a strain on face-to-face relationships that are now pushed into on-line connections or socially distanced gatherings. For some congregations, "scattered" church has been the norm from the start. Remaining connected outside of the Sunday morning gathering has always served to deepen the critical social bonds among members of these churches. This week's interview is with one of the amazing speakers for our District All Workers Conference in November. Ashely Paavola is the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at All Nations Church in St. Louis. On this call she is joined by her husband and the Pastor of All Nations, Rev. Chris Paavola. Together we discuss the blessings of using the family/community model of creating and maintaining strong relationships through small groups and scattered ministries. Join us as we continue to grow in our understanding of how to navigate and integrate to the gathered/scattered reality of ministry in 2020!

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